A full day today- Czech language class and then the opera tonight! I’m going to see La Traviata at the National Theatre with a group of students from the kolej. And, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the opening night of Swan Lake on Friday.

Some interesting notes about learning Czech:

The most difficult word for most Americans to pronounce is čtyři. It’s the Czech word for four. I’ll try to spell it phonetically. It sort of sounds something like schee- tier-zee but you have to make all those noise in your throat. In addition to not being able to say the word, it’s also difficult for Americans to count to four using their fingers in the same way that Czechs do.  I’ll explain. When counting on our fingers, Americans use their pointer finger as one, middle finger as two, etc. Czechs use their thumb as one.  So, when using your fingers to show the number four, you’ve got to keep just your pinky down. It’s really hard to do without making your hand into a stupid-looking claw. But, Czechs can do it quite easily.  I guess I’ll just have to learn to avoid four for a few months.


One response to “Čtyři

  1. Hey Melissa.

    Love the blogging.

    a note on the counting to four thing:

    I totally understand what you’re going through. In Asia, Its the same way and my mother always tells how weird it is when i count the “American” way.

    keep on keeping on. 🙂


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