Coping with a serious lack of sunshine

We’ve had a few too many gray days in Praha. The cool spring-time breeze and sunshine have abandoned us and it’s back to wintery weather complete with snow and bitter cold afternoons. I ventured out to Prague’s Botanical Gardens this afternoon. Today is the first day of spring and admission is free, but my plans to spend most of the day there were cut short because it was just too cold to be outside. Yesterday, I enjoyed a day-trip to a neat little town in Southern Bohemia Český Krumlov. It was definitely a fairy-tale city.

Check out the pictures:

This weekend, I finished reading Hornby’s Long Way Down and got pretty far into DH Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers (although I’m finding it to be tedious and dark and not making a positive contribution to my gray mood).  Other things keeping me occupied include: journaling, reading travel books, watching Six Feet Under online, and researching music on youtube.

Anxiously awaiting the springtime and the sunshine…


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